Total Health & Wellness Chiropractic is a center which treats and educates all people with the same goal, to help you enhance your quality of life. The spectrum of care involves pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement advice. Working with you, we will identify a program that meets your goals so you can commit fully and become empowered.

Patients at Total Health & Wellness Chiropractic are treated under the spectrum that focuses on 3 phases of care. The first phase of care is:

1) PAIN RELIEF. Many people go to their chiropractor because they are in pain so the primary goal always is to reduce pain and inflammation as quickly as possible.

2) REHABILITATION. Our second phase of care is unfortunately the phase of treatment that many patients never see through to completion. Once we reduce pain and inflammation, it is crucial to start strengthening and stretching the weakened areas so the symptoms do not return. This phase sometimes takes a little longer depending on the condition and it requires a much greater commitment from the patient. During this phase of care, you will begin doing home exercises and stretching programs specifically designed for your condition.

3) MAINTENANCE. This is our final phase of care, which allows us to prevent problems before they happen. In this phase, the patient will treat based on your lifestyle and based on your health goals. Reaching this phase of care is the ultimate goal for all of our patients.

Our modern societies place an ever great burden on our bodies, which are breaking down and unable to handle the stresses that come with these daily burdens. While, in fact, our populations are living longer, the quality of life is not always ideal and it does not have to be that way. I have found that my patients who follow through with these phases of care reach all of their health goals and live the lifestyle they were seeking.

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